About Us

Chris Spencer the founder of SophiaHat and a guitar performance graduate of Berklee College of Music, Chris has been actively playing, teaching and recording since 1987. He is also on the music faculty at Cornish College of the Arts and Edmonds Community College. After many of years of playing with recording equipment for personal projects, Chris built and opened the first iteration of SophiaHat. Since then, he”s worked with various clients in a variety of styles of music, sound design and audio post for radio, video games and film. Chris is an alum of the Shoreline Community College Digital Audio program, a certified Pro Tools Operator, and a registered Apple Certified Pro. Outside of the audio/music domain, he holds an MBA from Georgia College.

Although still actively involved in the Seattle jazz community, Chris manages to juggle the life of a working musician with the challenges of being an audio engineer. When Chris is not in the studio or playing around town, he enjoys sailing, biking and playing with his kids.